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Kiribati Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Kiribati

Handicrafts include baskets, table mats, fans and cups made from pandanus leaves, coconut leaves, coconut shells and sea shells. Sea-shell necklaces are popular, as are models of Gilbertese canoes and houses. A prized item is the Kiribati shark-tooth sword made of polished coconut wood with shark teeth, filed to razor sharpness, lashed to the two edges. These days, most examples are modern reproductions.

Shopping hours

Mon-Sat 0800-1900 (some shops open until 2030), Sun 0800-1900 (most small shops).

Nightlife in Kiribati

There are 'Island Nights' which feature traditional Polynesian music and dancing, film shows and feasts in maneabas (local meeting houses), which can be found throughout the islands.

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