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Travel to Kiribati

Flying to Kiribati

The national airline is Air Kiribati (, but it only operates domestic flights. Fiji Airways ( flies direct from Fiji to Tarawa, while Nauru Airlines ( runs flights from Nauru to Tarawa, with connections to Brisbane, Australia. You can only reach Kanton Island by private jet or boat charters.

Flight times

To Tarawa: from London - 35 hours or more (including stopovers); Nadi, Fiji - 3 hours; Nauru - 1 hour 15 minutes.

Departure tax

A$20; children under two years of age, and transit passengers not leaving the airport are exempt.

Travelling to Kiribati by Rail

Driving to Kiribati

Getting to Kiribati by boat

Main ports: Banaba, Christmas Island and Tarawa.

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