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New Zealand Visa and Passport Requirements

Passport required Return ticket required Visa Required
British Yes Yes No
Australian Yes No No
Canadian Yes Yes No
USA Yes Yes No
EU Yes Yes No/1


To enter New Zealand, a passport valid for at least one month beyond the intended period of stay is required by nationals referred to in the chart above.

Passport Visa Note

NZeTA: Citizens of EU countries, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States as well as cruise ship passengers, among others, need an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) when traveling to New Zealand for the first time. The NZeTA can be requested at least 72 hours prior to travel either through New Zealand Immigration (fee: NZ$23) or via a mobile app (fee: NZ$17). The application takes 5-10 minutes. The ETA is valid for two years and can be used several times.


An additional Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) of NZ$35 is charged along with the ETA fee.


Visas for New Zealand are not required by nationals referred to in the chart above for stays of up to three months.


• (1) The visa waiver does not apply to people travelling on alien (non-citizen) passports issued by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


• UK nationals may stay for up to six months.


• Australian nationals may stay indefinitely.


Nationals not referred to in the chart are advised to contact their nearest New Zealand high commission or embassy to check visa requirements.


Types and Cost

Visitors from countries which have a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand do not need a visa for visits of up to three months (six months for UK visitors). All other nationals require a visitor’s visa. Work, business and student visas are also available for people travelling in these capacities.

Visitor visa: NZ$165; transit visa: £96 + £26 (VAC Service Fee) + courier fee.


Visitor visa: maximum stay of nine months in an 18-month period.


Nationals which have a visa waiver agreement (including all those listed in the chart above) do not require a transit visa, nor do any travellers stopping at a New Zealand airport whose final destination is Australia. Some other nationals do require a transit visa however and should check with the nearest New Zealand embassy/high commission before travelling.

Application to

To apply for a visitor visa, go to your nearest New Zealand embassy/high commission or apply online through Immigration New Zealand (

Temporary residence

It is illegal to work on a visitor permit, except for Australians who can legally work without a visa or permit. All other nationalities must obtain a work visa, which allows you to enter the country, then a work permit, which allows you to work after your arrival. There are application forms available on Immigration New Zealand's website.

The exception to this rule are working holiday visas, which are available to a number of nationalities aged 18 to 30. The visa is valid for 12 months (or 23 months in some cases) and only issued to people genuinely interested in temporary employment. 

Working days

Allow three to four weeks for visa processing. Online applications are usually faster. They are processed on average in 8 weekdays.

Sufficient Funds

All visitors making an application for a visitor permit need to demonstrate they have sufficient money to support themselves whilst in the country (typically NZ$1,000 per month).

Entry Documents

No vaccination certificates are required.


On arrival, all visitors are required to complete a Passenger Arrival Card before passing through customs or passport control. These cards are usually given out during in-bound flights but are also available in the arrivals area of the airport. Please note: An online declaration form is available for passengers arriving at Auckland Airport, Christchurch Airport and at Wellington Airport. 


Extension of stay

You can extend visitor visas as long as the total time you spend in New Zealand doesn't exceed nine months in an 18-month period or, in some cases, you may be allowed to stay for a maximum of 12 months. Applications are looked at on an individual basis and visitors need to prove they have sufficient funds to continue their stay. You can apply at any Immigration New Zealand office.

Entry with pets

Pets need to undergo medical tests and must be given a microchip implant, a rabies vaccination and rabies titre test before entering New Zealand. Cats and dogs from some countries require a period of quarantine on arrival and an import permit is also required for all pets; download forms and check individual country requirements on the Ministry for Primary Industries website (

This page reflects our understanding of current rules for the most common types of travel to the said country. However, please note that each authority sets and forces entry rules, hence we strongly recommend that you verify critical information with the relevant embassy before travel.

Embassies and tourist offices

New Zealand Embassy in the USA

Telephone: +1 202 328 4800.
Address: , 37 Observatory Circle NW, Washington, DC 20008,
Opening times:

Mon-Fri 0900-1600.

New Zealand High Commission in the UK

Telephone: +44 20 7930 8422.
Address: 80 Haymarket, New Zealand House, London, SW1Y 4TQ,
Opening times:

Mon-Fri 0900-1700.

British High Commission in New Zealand

Telephone: +64 4924 2888.
Address: Thorndon, 44 Hill Street, Wellington 6011, ,
Opening times:

Mon-Fri 0900-1700.

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