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Pacific Islands Of Micronesia History, Language and Culture

History of Pacific Islands Of Micronesia

The area has a turbulent history of foreign control and political change. Despite upheavals and foreign influences from Spanish, German, Japanese and US governments, many people of this vast island area have maintained much of their cultural heritage and traditions, while others have lifestyles inspired mainly by the teachings of 19th-century missionaries. Having come under UN Trusteeship, administered by the USA, at the end of World War II, all of the Pacific Micronesian states have now reached final political settlements. See individual country sections for further details.

Pacific Islands Of Micronesia Culture

Religion in Pacific Islands Of Micronesia

Roman Catholic and Protestant with Mormon and Baha'i minorities.

Social Conventions in Pacific Islands Of Micronesia

The Western understanding of private property is alien to many parts of Micronesia and personal possessions should be well looked after, though not necessarily under lock and key; outside main tourist areas, where normal precautions apply, it is usually sufficient just to keep items out of sight. All land, however, does have an owner and before using it, protocol in many areas demands that permission is sought; in places this includes use of footpaths as there is not necessarily immediate right of way. A clearly expressed desire to be courteous will usually see the visitor through; see individual sections for further details.

Language in Pacific Islands Of Micronesia

English, Japanese and nine local languages.

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