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Pacific Islands Of Micronesia Weather, climate and geography

Weather and climate

Best time to visit

With 2,000 islands spread over 7.8 million sq km (3 million sq miles) of the Pacific Ocean, the islands have a variety of weather. The period from November to April is the wet season, when humidity is highest, while cooler and less humid period from May to October is the most pleasant time to visit. The climate can generally be described as tropical in this part of the world, but the cooling sea breezes prevent really extreme temperatures and humidity. For regional climate charts, see under the individual sections.

Required clothing

Lightweight cottons and linens, and rainwear.


Each archipelago is composed of hundreds of island groups, within which there are many islands varying widely in topography. A more detailed description is given under the individual section for each country. There are three distinct population groups: Malayans who passed through Indonesia and The Philippines; Melanesians coming from the islands of the southwest Pacific; and Polynesians who inhabited the South Pacific.

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