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Travel to Vanuatu

Flying to Vanuatu

The national airline is Air Vanuatu ( Air Vanuatu flies to Port Vila from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland. Virgin Australia ( flies from Brisbane. There are also flights from New Caledonia and Fiji.

Flight times

Air Vanuatu is a full-service airline (meals and drinks included in the fare) and allows 23kg stowed luggage. Virgin Australia has a ‘user pays’ policy for in-flight meals, drinks, entertainment and stowed luggage.

Airport Guides

Bauerfield International Airport




The airport is 6km (4 miles) from Port-Vila (journey time - 15 minutes).


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Flight times

From Sydney - 3 hours 30 minutes; Auckland - 3 hours 15 minutes.

Departure tax

Included in the ticket price.

Travelling to Vanuatu by Rail

Driving to Vanuatu

Getting to Vanuatu by boat