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Montevideo tours and excursions

Montevideo tours

Walking tours

Experience some of the greatest examples of Uruguayan culture in a safe and affordable way. Leaving from Independence Square at 1100 from Monday to Friday, and 2pm on Saturday, the walking tour concentrates on the historical parts of Montevideo's old city, visiting the colonial plazas and grand old buildings.


Historical tours

Conducted by British-born Liz and Richard Cowley, the three-hour tour provides fascinating insight into the history of the capital: the Spanish colonial era, the British invasions, the fight for independence and the emergence of modern Uruguay. Tours can be enjoyed by walking or taking a chauffeured car, minibus or bus. Pre-booking is essential.

Tel: +598 99 692 757.

Montevideo excursions

Colonia del Sacramento

A town frozen in time with 17th-century buildings and cars from the 1950s, Colonia del Sacramento's cobbled, colonial-era streets are now UNESCO protected since receiving World Heritage status. In the town's historic centre, secluded courtyards reveal quaint cafés, bustling markets and some of the most prized restaurants in the region.

Tel: +598 4522 3700.

Bodega Bouza Winery

Less than half-an-hour's drive outside Montevideo's city limits, the wine growing regions of Uruguay are fast becoming a major attraction for international visitors. This growing appetite for Uruguayan grape is no better experienced than with a visit to family-run Bouza Winery, where guided tours, wine tasting and a restaurant are available to enjoy from 0900-1900, Monday to Saturday.

Tel: +598 2323 7491.