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Wafaa Al-Nil Festival

Egyptians cherish and celebrate the Nile since ancient times. In the past, beautiful girls were sacrificed and thrown into the river in hope of a good harvest. Today this festival is celebrated with concerts, poetry readings, and family-friendly competitions. 

Date: 15 August 2018 - 31 August 2018
Venue: Nilufer

Cairo International Film Festival

Screens films from around the world and attracts some leading box office stars from Western and Middle Eastern cinema, with the aim to promote and enhance the Egyptian, Arab and African film industry.

Date: 01 November 2018 - 30 November 2018
(Date to be confirmed)
Venue: Various locations.

Prophet Mohamed’s birthday

On the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-awwal, Egyptians celebrate the Prophet’s birthday with readings from the Koran as well as attending religious lectures. 

Date: 21 November 2018 - 21 November 2018

Pharaonic Race

Inspired from a piece of ancient rock telling the story of Pharaonic soldiers running 100km, this epic race sees competitors run from the Hawara Pyramid to the Sakkara Pyramid.


Date: 11 January 2019 - 11 January 2019
Venue: Hawara Pyramid to Sakkara Pyramid

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