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Getting Around Eswatini (Swaziland)



Hiring a car can be one of the easiest ways to explore the country. The road system is largely well developed, although there is little street lighting. The main road from east to west is the MR3. Some roads are winding and roads can be rough in the bush. 

Side of the road


Car Hire

There are a number of international car hire companies in Eswatini (Swaziland). You may need a 4-wheel drive vehicle if travelling to more remote areas.


Kombi taxis (small minibuses) run on fixed routes, which are usually the same as the bus routes. Kombis are faster, but more expensive than buses, and they do not follow a fixed timetable – once they’re full of passengers, they head off to their next destination. You can pick up a kombi taxi either at a designated stop or by flagging one down along the route.


The country is served by an extensive bus network, which is privately owned. Buses are regular and follow a timetable, but many timetables are not openly displayed at bus stops – when in doubt, just ask a local. Tickets can be bought on board.



The maximum speed limit is 120kph (75mph) on motorways, 80kph (50mph) on the open road, and 60kph (37mph) in built-up areas.


A national licence in English or with an English translation is permitted, as are International Driving Permits.


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