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Travel to Ivory Coast

Flying to Ivory Coast

The quickest route from the UK to Ivory Coast is with Air France ( via Paris or Brussels Airlines ( via Brussels. Other airlines operating flights to Ivory Coast include Emirates (, Ethiopian Airlines ( and Royal Air Maroc (

The major airport is: Abidjan Félix Houphouët-Boigny.

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Abidjan Félix Houphouët-Boigny International Airport




Abidjan Félix Houphouët-Boigny International Airport is located 16km (10 miles) southeast of Abidjan.


+225 2175 7900


BP 30 Abidjan 07

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Yamoussoukro Airport




Flight times

From London - 9 hours 30 minutes (including stopover); New York - 14 hours (including stopover).

Departure tax

XOF3,000 for African destinations and XOF5,000 for all other departures (from Abidjan airport - prices differ according to airport flown from).

Travelling to Ivory Coast by Rail

The Abidjan-Niger Railway extends to Burkino Faso. There are two through-trains with sleeping and restaurant cars from Abidjan to Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) daily (journey time - 25 to 27 hours). Those intending to travel should be aware that the Burkina Faso rail network is under constant threat of closure because of financial difficulties; check with the appropriate authorities before finalising arrangements.

Driving to Ivory Coast

Getting to Ivory Coast by boat

Main ports: Abidjan is the main port in Ivory Coast; however, there are no regular passenger sailings. Cargo liners provide limited accommodation for passengers travelling from Europe.

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