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Restaurants in Casablanca

Morocco is famous throughout the Mediterranean for its flavourful tagines (traditionally served in ochre clay pots), varied pastries, and fragrant couscous dishes. When visiting Casablanca, it's essential you dine on authentic Maghreb cuisine. However, as Casablanca is a relatively Westernised city, with plenty of fine-dining options, you'll also find several decent Spanish, Indian, and even Chinese spots. French-inspired cuisine is particularly popular.

The Casablanca restaurants below have been handpicked by our guide author and are grouped into three pricing categories:
Expensive (over Dh 300)
Moderate (Dh 100 to Dh 300)
Cheap (under Dh 100)

These Casablanca restaurant prices are for a three-course meal per person without drinks. Leave an extra 10-15% on top of your bill if the service has been good.


A Ma Bretagne

Cuisine: French

Appropriately set on the coastal Corniche area, just west of Aïn Diab, this is the fiefdom of Frenchmaître cuisinier (master chef) André Halbert. The wondrous fish dishes of his native province of Bretagne dominate. It is rated by many as the best restaurant in all Africa, but is cheap by European standards. French gourmets are said to visit Casablanca simply to dine at this great chef's table. Fruits de mer (seafood) takes on a whole new meaning here.

Address: Corniche, 12 Boulevard de l'Océan Atlantique, Casablanca,
Telephone: +212 522 397 979.

La Relais De Paris

Cuisine: French

For a slice of Parisian culinary heaven in Morocco's commercial capital, look no further. Not far from La Mer, La Relais is perhaps the finest restaurant in Casablanca. Their focus is high-quality, gourmet food. This French-style brasserie has a wealth of exquisite seafood including lobster, swordfish and salmon, but it also does a delicious duck confit, entrecôte(steak) and tartare. The views from the terrace are outstanding as well.

Address: Ain Diab, Boulevard de la Corniche, Hôtel Villa Blanca, Casablanca,
Telephone: +212 522 392 510.


Al Mounia

Cuisine: Moroccan

Catch the sun in the delightful garden of this popular hotel in Casablanca, or relax inside, where you can enjoy classic Moroccan cuisine with aromatic tagines and perfectly prepared couscous. Note that there's another restaurant using the Al Mounia name, located just a few steps from the hotel, so don't get confused.

Address: , 95 Rue du Prince Moulay Abdallah, Casablanca,
Telephone: +212 522 222 669.


Cuisine: Italian

If you find yourself craving Italian food, no need to fear—Boccaccio has been described as the best Italian restaurant in Casablanca. Offering pizzas, pastas, and a great selection of wines, this lovely trattoria presents food that looks just as artful as it tastes. Look forward to attentive service and beautiful décor.

Address: , 6 Rue Ahmed El Mokri, Casablanca,

La Sqala

Cuisine: Moroccan

Amongst the city's old fortifications, with great iron cannons lined up facing the sea, this restaurant boasts Casablanca's most extraordinary setting, including a breathtaking garden. A popular alfresco spot, especially for romantics drawn to the candle-lit terrace, the menu mixes dishes from different parts of Morocco, along with some European options. Try the chicken kofta briouates (savoury-stuffed donuts).

Address: , Boulevard des Almohades, Casablanca,
Telephone: +212 522 260 960.

Resto Zayna


If you're looking for authentic and delicious Moroccan cuisine, this is one of the best restaurants to choose from. The owner named the restaurant after her grandmother, who taught her everything she knows about Moroccan cuisine. If you come for lunch, you'll find yourself seated among locals while musicians serenade you. Try the couscous and the tagines.

Address: Quartier Habous, Place Habous, 44 Rue Ibn Khaldoune, Casablanca,
Telephone: +212 661 226 404


Golden China

Cuisine: Chinese

Moroccan cuisine is one of the country's main tourist attractions, but if you tire of tagines and pastillas, and if the French-style restaurants seem too pricey, there is always Golden China. The décor may seem a little cheesy, with its Buddhas and Chinese lanterns, but there's a pleasant and calm atmosphere – perhaps thanks to the soft traditional music. The extensive menu is delicious, and includes dumplings, spring rolls, sweet and sour pork, Mongolian beef and lots of vegetarian options.

Address: , 12 Rue el Oraibi Jilali, Casablanca,
Telephone: +212 522 273 526.

L'Etoile Centrale

Cuisine: Moroccan

This Casablanca restaurant has been a local institution for more than four decades. At affordable prices, it serves authentic and mouth-watering Maghreb cuisine, including mechoui (spit-roasted lamb) and pastille (tasty meat pastries) specialities. There are more than a dozen different tagine dishes to choose from. The interior alone makes it worth a visit for its traditional zellij tiling (terra cotta tile work), elegant Moroccan furniture, and wood-carved stucco.

Address: , 107 Rue Allah Ben Abdellah, Casablanca,
Telephone: +212 527 018 625

Patisserie Bennis Habous

Cuisine: International

Dating back to the 30's, this is Casablanca's most renowned destination for quality, authentic pastries. Situated in the new medina of Habous, the bakery preserves traditional recipes that have been passed down through a family of four generations. A well-preserved treasure from the colonial era, it's best known for its sublime Kaab El hazal, or Gazelle's Horns, which are pastries filled with an almond paste that's flavoured with orange flower water and cinnamon.

Address: Habous, Habous Palais Royal, 2 Rue Fkih El Gabbas, Casablanca,
Telephone: +212 522 303 025.
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Featured Hotels


Riad Jnane Sherazade

For a traditional Moroccan riad experience, stay in the plush Riad Jnane Sherazade. Although this renovated 1950s era hotel is a bit distant from Casablanca's main sights, the hotel's affordable pricing, 400 sq m garden, terrace restaurant, hamman, winter lounge, and sunroom are worth the travel time.

Hotel and Spar Le’doge

A Relais & Châteaux property in an old art deco residence. Centrally located in the heart of Casablanca, minutes from Parc de la ligue Arabe. Just 16 uniquely decorated rooms with free wi-Fi and air-con, onsite Hamam (Turkish steam bath) and rooftop terrace.. Ideal for an extremely luxury experience.

Hôtel du Centre

Hôtel du Centre is basic but clean and one of the best options for cheap hotels in Casablanca, with just 32 rooms and a good location in the Old Medina.

Hotel Galia

Conveniently set right in front of the central market, this is one of the cheapest hotels in Casablanca with clean, comfortable rooms and a staff that speaks English and French as well as Arabic and Berber!

Hyatt Regency Casablanca

This high-end Casablanca hotel boasts 255 bedrooms and suites, an outdoor pool (summer only), a gym, squash courts, a sauna, hammam baths, three restaurants and the Casablanca nightclub, which is themed on Rick's Place from the 1942 Bogart/Bergman movie. Rooms are spacious, luxurious and air-conditioned. It is big and therefore slightly impersonal, but when you want service it is meticulous.

Hôtel Transatlantique

Edith Piaf once stayed in this 1922 colonial time-warp that has been sympathetically refurbished to preserve its nostalgic ambience. The guestrooms are nicely furnished and there's a bar and restaurant plus nightly cabaret shows.