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Mozambique Food and Drink

The cuisine in Mozambique is predominately African, but heavily influenced by the Portuguese with some Far Eastern influences. As you might expect from a coastal country, seafood is a speciality. Lunch is usually the main meal of the day. Soup is often served as a starter followed by main dishes usually accompanied by rice, potatoes or both. Restaurants are found in main towns and hotels, but street food is available in most places.


Piri-pirichicken: Chicken marinated in lemon juice, garlic and a spicy chilli sauce (made of lemon juice, garlic, chilli, and oil). Usually served with chips.
Shellfish: All shellfish is good in Mozambique and the country is famous for prawns often grilled with piri-piri sauce.
Matapa: Sauce of ground peanuts and cassava leaves served with rice. It often includes seafood.
Wusa: Stiff maize porridge.
Pao: Portuguese white bread rolls baked in wood-fired ovens.
Prego roll: Steak covered in piri piri sauce in a bread roll.
Toasted cheese sandwiches: A commonly sold snack.
Malasadas: Local doughnuts sold in markets.
2M: Popular local beer.
Tipo Tinto: The national rum.


Not generally expected outside Maputo. In Maputo and other tourist-exposed areas, around 5% of the bill is normal (depending on standards of service and the place itself).

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