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Where to stay in Rwanda


There have been a lot of improvements in hotel options in the past five years, and you can now get quite high-end accommodation in Kigali, Muzanse, Gisenyi, Kibuye and Nyungwe. It is harder to find something in the $40 to $90 a night bracket - although there are cheap hotels to be found in most towns, they are usually where drivers and guides stay and are pretty basic.

The Serena in Kigali has been refurbished and is now very smart. The Milles Collines of Hotel Rwanda fame is also still drawing a discerning crowd, although a little tired in places. There is also a Serena in Giseyni, which is very popular with locals at the weekend.

Luxury: There are now a number of luxury options in Rwanda. Virunga and Silverback lodge are excellent choices for the Volcanoes National Park, but are very pricey. There is also a new luxury lodge in Nyungwe Forest run by Dubai World, and Belgian-run Cormoron Lodge in Kibuye is comprised of wooden huts in a picturesque setting.

Bed and breakfast

Outside the main towns there are guest houses, which are generally cheaper than hotels. There is a solar-powered house at the edge of the A'Kagera National Park.


Camping isn't really well catered for in Rwanda and if you want to pitch your tent somewhere you will have to come to an arrangement with the local leader, not an easy transaction if you don't speak Kinyarwanda. There is a nice campsite at Nyungwe forest, although it isn't cheap at $50 a night. There are also sites at Volcanoes and Akagera National Park.

Other accomodation