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Senegal Health Care and Vaccinations

Title Special precautions
Yellow Fever Yes
Typhoid Yes
Tetanus Yes
Rabies Yes
Malaria Yes
Hepatitis A Yes
Diphtheria Yes

Health Care

Medical care is available in Dakar but limited in rural villages. In Dakar, where most medical professionals are based, has a good selection of private clinics, among them is Clinique du Cap on Avenue Pasteur. Health insurance (including emergency repatriation) is essential for visitors. It is essential to have health insurance if visiting. For an ambulance in Dakar, call SOS Medecin (tel: +221 33 889 1515; or SAMU (tel: +221 33 88 6281 213).

Food and Drink

All water should be regarded as being potentially contaminated and should be boiled before drinking. You can, however, use tap water for washing and brushing teeth (unless you have a sensitive stomach). Bottled water is readily available everywhere. Avoid dairy products which are likely to have been made from unpasteurised milk. Only eat well-cooked meat and fish, preferably served hot. Vegetables should be cooked and fruit peeled.

Other Risks

Avoid swimming and paddling in fresh water, unless it is a well-chlorinated and maintained swimming pool. The risk of cholera is higher during floods or after a natural disaster. The risk of malaria is high throughout the year in all areas, except January to June in central western regions. Malaria precautions are essential, so avoid mosquito bites by using insect repellents and sleeping under a mosquito net.

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