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Where to stay in Senegal


The government-controlled expansion of tourism has led to an increasing number of hotels, with international chains such as Pullman and Radisson opening hotels within the country. Increasing investment has led to more and more development and the choices for travellers are far more numerous than they were, even just a couple of years ago.

Dakar has the lion's share of hotels, but there are a number of ocean-front hotels along Saly-Portugal on the Petite Côte (the stretch of beaches between Dakar and Joal), which are favoured by European visitors. In the Casamance, some luxury resorts have been built. It is advisable to book accommodation in advance, particularly in Dakar, where there is an increased demand during the tourist season, which lasts from December to May. Hotels in Dakar generally have air conditioning but tend to be expensive.

Note that electricity is often cut off at night in Senegal so it is a good idea to have a torch, although the bigger hotels will often have a generator.

Grading: Hotels are classified from 1 to 4 stars.

Bed and breakfast

Campements are loosely translated as 'lodges' or 'inns' and are basically guesthouses in rural areas of Senegal. Note however, that despite the name, they are not a camping ground or a place for tents. Some campements provide cheap, basic accommodation while others have gone upmarket offering similar standards to mid-range hotels. These are good alternative for the more budget-conscious traveller, or those who don't want to stay in a large resort.


Camping is relatively rare in Senegal but it is possible to pitch up a tent and bed down for the night in some areas, such as St Louis and N'Gor Island.

Other accomodation

A village will sometimes courteously offer a stranger one of the local huts as living accommodation, but it is necessary for visitors to provide their own bedding.

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