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Travel to Seychelles

Flying to Seychelles

Flights to Mahé in the Seychelles from the UK are operated by several airlines via Addis Ababa, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Frankfurt. There are no direct flights at the moment. But British Airways ( will fly directly from London Heathrow to Mahé during the summer months starting end of March 2018.

Etihad ( operates flights in partnership with Air Seychelles (, the national airline, and flies via Abu Dhabi; Emirates flies via Dubai; Ethiopian Airlines ( flies via Addis Ababa; and Lufthansa ( flies via Frankfurt, with the onward flight provided by Condor (

April, May, July August and December are peak months for visitors to the Seychelles, so air fares are generally higher during these months.

The main airport is: Seychelles International Airport.

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Seychelles International Airport




Seychelles International Airport is situated 10km (6 miles) southeast of Victoria, on the island of Mahé.


+248 384 000


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Flight times

From London - 13 hours (including stopover); New York - 19 hours (including stopover).

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Travelling to Seychelles by Rail

Driving to Seychelles

Getting to Seychelles by boat

Cargo ships call at the Port of Mahé, but there are no scheduled passenger services.