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Travel to Seychelles

Flying to Seychelles

The national carrier Air Seychelles ( has regular flights to Seychelles from major destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

From the UK, British Airways ( flies direct from London Heathrow to Mahé during the summer months.

Alternatively, Emirates flies via Dubai, Ethiopian Airlines ( flies via Addis Ababa, and Lufthansa ( flies via Frankfurt, with the onward flight provided by Condor (

April to October are generally considered as peak months for visitors to Seychelles, so airfares are higher accordingly.

The main airport is: Seychelles International Airport.

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Seychelles International Airport




Seychelles International Airport is situated 10km (6 miles) southeast of Victoria, on the island of Mahé.


+248 384 000

Point Larue

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Flight times

From London - 10 hours (direct); New York - 19 hours (including stopover).

Departure tax


Travelling to Seychelles by Rail

Driving to Seychelles

Getting to Seychelles by boat

Cargo ships call at the port of Mahé, but there are no scheduled passenger services.

Cruise ships

Seychelles is a popular cruise stop and there are frequent cruises of the islands. The majority of cruise lines stop at Mahé with some also visiting La Digue. Cruises lines stopping in Seychelles include Oceania ( and Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines (

There are also several smaller cruise operators offering tours around the main islands.

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