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Brunei Food and Drink

Bruneian food is similar to Malay cuisine. Often quite spicy, favourites include satay, broiled fish, BBQ chicken and a variety of rice dishes. Some of the tastiest Bruneian delicacies are available at open-air markets such as Pasar Malam Gadong and Taman Selera in the capital. Restaurants in hotels, shopping centres and downtown BSB serve Chinese, Indian and European food.


Daging masak lada hitam (spicy beef with potato beans).
Udang sambal serai bersantan (prawns with chilli and coconut milk).
Serondeng padang (chicken fried with garlic wrapped in pandan leaves).
Ambuyat (goo made from ground sago tree pith, dipped in sauce).
Kelupis (sticky rice steamed in a leaf).

Things to know

Alcohol is prohibited, although it may be imported in certain quantities if reported to Customs. Most restaurants are open until 2100 or 2200 although this varies at the weekend.


Tipping is not common practice but tourist-oriented hotels and restaurants often add 10% to the bill. Taxi drivers do not expect tips.

Drinking age

The sale and public consumption of alcohol is forbidden.

Regional drinks

Air batu campur (literally, 'ice mix'), better known as 'ABC', is a sweet dessert-drink that combines ice with sago pearls, red beans, noodles and grass jelly.

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