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Brunei Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Brunei

Shopping is one of the favourite pastimes of Brunei nationals. The landmark Yayasan Complex, an upscale mall near the BSB waterfront, boasts the four-storey Hua Ho Department Store, classy boutiques and powerful air-con. Brunei's best-loved shopping district - including its largest shopping mall, The Mall - is in Gadong, 3km northwest of central BSB. Pricey textiles, silverwork, carved wood, ceremonial swords and even brass mini-cannons made by local artisans are on sale at the Arts & Handicrafts Training Centre, on the river east of BSB, but for simple souvenirs you'll get much better prices at Tamu Kianggeh, a sprawling outdoor market just east of downtown.

Shopping hours

Shopping malls: daily 1000-2130. Opening hours of some shops may be shorter during Ramadan.

Nightlife in Brunei

The sale and public consumption of alcohol is banned, so Brunei's nightlife is pretty low-key - some would say downright snoozy. In the absence of bars, a night out in the capital usually consists of a meal, possibly followed by shopping or a film, in a suburban district such as Gadong or Kiulap.

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