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About Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

Shanghai, the bustling metropolis and largest city in China, is served by two airports – Hongqiao and Pudong. The latter, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, is the primary aviation hub due to its extensive international networks and the volume of passengers it handles. This guide delves into the details of Pudong Airport, highlighting its terminal facilities and different public transportation links connecting travellers to the heart of Shanghai.


Information counters are located in:
• Terminal 1, Arrivals Halls (opposite Gate 8)
• Terminal 1, Departures Hall (near Gate 6)
• Terminal 2, Arrivals Hall (opposite Starbucks)


Driving directions:

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is easily accessible via the S20 Shanghai Outer Ring Expressway (上海外环高速公路), which encircles the central districts of Shanghai, offering a direct route to the airport from various parts of the city. Additionally, the S32 Shenjiahu Expressway (申嘉湖高速公路) provides a direct connection from Jiaxing in Zhejiang province to Shanghai, facilitating easy access for travellers coming from or heading to the neighbouring region.

Transfer between terminals:

Terminals 1 and 2 are interconnected, offering travellers the convenience of a free shuttle service or the option to walk between them (walking time is typically 10 to 15 minutes, possibly longer if navigating to a specific gate).

The shuttle service runs from 06:00 to 24:00 and arrives at 10-minute intervals, making stops at Terminal 1 (Gates 6, 8, and 11) and Terminal 2 (Gates 21, 26, and 27).

Passengers are advised to allocate ample time to ensure a smooth connection between Terminals 1 and 2. It is recommended to plan for at least 120 minutes for domestic-to-domestic transfers, 160 minutes for domestic-to-international transfers, and 120 minutes for international-to-international transfers.

Airport Info

S1 Yingbin Expressway

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located about 40km (25 miles) southeast of the city's iconic Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which stands by the Huangpu River opposite The Bund.

The distance between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is 55km (34 miles). It takes about an hour to drive from one to another, depending on traffic.

No. of terminals:

+86 21 96990

Public Transport

Public transport road:

Bus: A variety of bus routes are available from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to various districts in Shanghai. For example, Airport Line 1 connects Pudong International Airport with Hongqiao International Airport, while Airport Line 2 provides direct service to People's Square (人民廣場), a central hub in the city. For other lines, visit this page.

Taxi: Metered taxis are available outside both terminals of Pudong International Airport. To get an estimate of taxi fares, which vary based on the distance and traffic conditions, visit this page.

Public transport rail:

Maglev: The Shanghai Maglev, a high-speed magnetic levitation train, links Pudong International Airport with Longyang Road Station (龙阳路), from where you can interchange to Metro Lines 2, 7, and 16. The swift journey from the airport to Longyang Road Station takes just 8 minutes, with services running between 07:02-21:42 from Pudong International Airport and 06:45-21:40 from Longyang Road Station. We recommend that visitors purchase a combined Maglev return ticket and a 1-day Metro (totalling CNY 85 as of March 2024) upon arrival for added convenience, especially since not every Metro Line 2 train terminates at the airport on the return journey, plus onboard announcements may be exclusively in Chinese. Maglev tickets are available at station kiosks; if you encounter issues, station staff are available to assist.

Metro: Shanghai Metro Line 2 offers a connection between Pudong International Airport, Shanghai city centre, and Hongqiao Airport's Terminal 2. The average travel time to the city centre, such as Nanjing East Road Station, is approximately one hour. When travelling from the city to the airport, be aware that some trains on Line 2 do not go all the way to Pudong Airport and will terminate early at other stations. Keep an eye on the train's final destination which is typically indicated on platform signs and on the trains themselves. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask metro staff for assistance.

Terminal facilities


ATMs are available.

Foreign exchange counters are available. However, foreigners arriving in Shanghai should note that cash is not commonly accepted in China now. Travellers should download AliPay or WeChat Pay before the trip.

For Malaysian travellers, the mobile payment Touch 'n Go becomes AliPay in China, meaning it can be used for a vast majority of services (except those requiring WeChat Pay specifically).


Shanghai Pudong International Airport has a few cafés and restaurants available pre- and post-security.


Shanghai Pudong International Airport has gift retailers and designer brand shops. Duty-free is on Level 3F, in both terminals.


Left luggage: Shanghai Pudong International Airport has luggage storage facilities in both terminals. You can find them at:
• Near Gate 4, Departures Hall, Terminal 1
• Near Gate 6, Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1
• Near Island A, Departures Hall, Terminal 2
• Near Gate 2A, Arrivals Hall, Terminal 2

Lost & found within the airport: If you have misplaced items within Shanghai Pudong International Airport, call +86 21 6834 0096 or +86 21 6834 0417. You can also go to the counter near Gate 8, Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1.

Lost & found on an airplane: If you have misplaced items on an airplane, contact the airline you flew with.


Shanghai Pudong International Airport has medical facilities at:
• Near Gate 1, Departures Hall, Terminal 1
• Arrivals Hall, Terminal 2

Foreigners seeking the 24-hour visa-free transit should ask the immigration officer for a temporary entry permit.

Airport facilities

Conference and business:

There is a business centre near Gate 7, Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1

Shanghai Pudong International Airport has a few VIP lounges, and some of them provide basic business facilities.

Communication Facilities:

Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Mobile SIM cards: Passengers arriving at Pudong International Airport are advised to get a mobile SIM card in Terminal 2's Arrivals Hall. Seamless mobile connectivity means travellers can make use of mobile payment for immediate purchases like MagLev train tickets. As of March 2024, a 10GB SIM card is available for CNY 150.

VPN Services: Foreigners visiting Shanghai should be aware that many popular VPNs do not work well in China. VPN Cat is one of the few that works, although it requires users to watch an advertisement before establishing each VPN connection.

Disabled facilities:

Shanghai Pudong International Airport has standard accessibility features such as ramps, elevators and modified toilets.

Travellers who require special arrangements should contact the airline at least 48 hours before travelling.

Car parking:

Short-term (hourly and daily) car parking is available at P1 and P2.

Long-term parking is at P4, which consists of four buildings and they are about 1.5km north of the airport. A free shuttle connects the P4 parking lot and the airport.

Car rental:

There are no car rental services available at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Foreign nationals who plan to drive in China must obtain a Chinese driving license or a provisional driving permit from the Chinese authorities.

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