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Shopping in Nagoya

Nagoya is one of the best cities outside Tokyo for shopping, particularly for fashion and jewellery. The range available in the city’s department stores is particularly impressive and caters to all tastes and budgets. The underground shopping malls are also great places to pick up a bargain.

Key areas

The main shopping areas in Nagoya are in Sakae, the busiest and most popular part of the city, and near Nagoya Station. This is where you can find the major department stores and shopping malls. For street-level shopping with a stronger local link, the area around the shopping arcade near Osu Kannon temple offers a nice atmosphere and several small clothes and crafts shops and cafés. Electronics stores can be found around Nagoya Station.


In the precincts of Osu Kannon temple, there’s an eclectic flea market held monthly on the 18th and 28th. This is a great place to pick up second-hand silk kimono and other traditional wares.

Shopping centres

There’s a massive Takashimaya department store at the main entrance to JR Nagoya Station, whilst there are Matsuzakaya, Meitetsu and Kintetsu department stores just outside the main entrance. In Sakae, there are more branches of Matsuzakaya as well as Mitsukoshi, Parco, Loft and Lachic department stores. Major international fashion labels have stores in Sakae and in front of Nagoya station. The Osu shopping arcade and the underground malls at Nagoya Station and Sakae are good places to pick up souvenirs.

Opening hours

Standard shopping hours in Nagoya are Monday to Sunday 1000-2000. Some of the major department stores are open from 1100-2100.

Tax information

Some stores will refund the 8% consumption tax if you spend over ¥5,000. You'll need your passport to claim the refund.

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Featured Hotels


Nagoya Tokyu Hotel

The sophisticated Nagoya Tokyu Hotel is very near the bustling Sakae shopping and nightlife district. There are Western and Japanese-style guest rooms, as well as four different categories of suites to choose from. The Nagoya hotel also has a beauty salon, a business centre and a fitness centre with a large swimming pool, as well as several fine dining restaurants, including the elegant Loire French restaurant, and Nadaman, serving kaiseki (traditional multi-course banquet) and Edo-style sushi.

The b Nagoya

Right in the middle of the Sakae shopping area, this chic business hotel in Nagoya offers excellent value for money. The rooms are smart and comfortable, some with views over the leafy boulevard of Hisasya-dori, and have larger-size beds than usual and stylish bathrooms. 

Hotel Trusty Nagoya Sakae

Though close to the hustle and bustle of Sakae, this Nagoya hotel has a very relaxed atmosphere. Decorated in a classic European style, there is a lot of wood panelling and leather sofas in the elegant lobby. The rooms are cosy yet well equipped, with high-speed internet access and decent-sized desks. The hotel's Cuore Lounge serves daily meals based on seasonal ingredients, as well as tapas and wine, and afternoon tea.

Hilton Nagoya

Close to Fushimi Station is Nagoya's top international hotel with stylish interiors and attentive service. Rooms are modern and comfortable and there are a good range of dining options in the hotel; choose from Indian, Chinese, continental and a variety of Japanese cuisines. Breakfast is not included and there's a fee for internet access. However, there are free shuttle buses between main station, as well as to the castle.

Nagoyakatei Miyoshi

A very clean and welcoming ryokan (traditional hotel) only five minutes on foot from the Shinkansen station. The staff don't speak much English but if you are familiar with traditional accommodation this shouldn't be a problem. All rooms are Japanese-style accommodation (no beds, just futons) and a full-course Japanese breakfast is served. There are two shared Japanese-style baths for guests, including a rooftop outdoor rotemburo.

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel offers luxury and convenience in equal measure. Located in the southernmost of the two JR Central Towers that rise almost 250m (820ft) up in the air above Nagoya's central station, it is a city landmark and one of the best luxury hotels in Nagoya. Staff are friendly and helpful and all rooms are supremely comfortable and have panoramic views. The bar and lounge on the top floor offers a fantastic outlook over the city. The in-house restaurants offer Japanese, Chinese and European cuisines.