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Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka is known as a foodies’ paradise, and the city is crammed with an eclectic range of restaurants. Given the city’s proximity to the sea, the sushi and sashimi here is always fresh and delicious. The local cuisine is especially good, and it’s easy to find tasty okonomiyaki (a savoury pancake crammed with vegetables, seafood or meat) and piping hot takoyaki (octopus dumplings) even from street stalls. The Osaka restaurants below have been grouped into three pricing categories: Expensive (over ¥10,000) Moderate (¥5,000 to ¥10,000) Cheap (up to ¥5,000) These Osaka restaurant prices are based on the cost of a meal for one, excluding drinks. Tipping is not expected.



Cuisine: Japanese / French

This small specialist restaurant serves a fusion of modern Japanese and French cuisine. Most of the dishes on the menu are vegetable-based, and great care is taken in the preparation and presentation. Hajime has a reputation for offering an innovative and fun dining experience.

Address: Nishi-ku, 1-9-11 Edobori, Osaka, 550 0002
Telephone: +81 6 6447 6688.


Cuisine: Japanese

Honkogetsu has two Michelin stars and serves modern Japanese kaiseki cuisine (a series of small, intricate dishes) using only the best seasonal ingredients. The restaurant is only open in the evenings, and the seasonal menu changes monthly. Each dish is a delicate concoction of the freshest seafood and vegetables.

Address: Chuo-ku, 1-7-11 Dotonbori, Osaka, 542 0071
Telephone: +81 6 6211 0201.


Cuisine: Japanese

Seating is limited - there are only 12 seats surrounding the chef's preparation area - so make sure you reserve in advance. There's only one menu, but what you'll get is inventive and seasonal and often looks too good to eat. Prices are reasonable for the quality, too, given that the restaurant has three Michelin stars, although the chef doesn't speak English.

Address: Kita-ku, 1F Esbas Kitashinchi 231-5-1 Dojima, Osaka, 530 0003
Telephone: +81 6 6347 5660.


Absinthe Solaar

Cuisine: Mediterranean

This rooftop restaurant is very popular with young Osakans and has an inviting outdoor lounge area, perfect for enjoying the evening breeze during Osaka’s fiendishly hot summer months. The decor is Moroccan in style, and the menu is Mediterranean with a delicious selection of Greek and Middle Eastern dishes, all with a Japanese twist.

Address: Chuo-ku, 8F Takashimaya Department Store, 5-1-18 Namba, Osaka, 542 0076
Telephone: +81 6 6633 1445.

Kani Doraku

Cuisine: Japanese

This restaurant is probably most famous for the huge mechanical crab moving around on its outside wall, and it has become a symbol of the Dotonbori area. The menu has a vast array of crab dishes prepared in all possible ways - from crab shabu-shabu (cooked at the table in boiling water) and crab kaiseki (very small, intricate dish) to crab salad and crab sushi. The portions are generous, and the service is friendly. An English menu is available.

Address: Chuo-ku, 1-6-18 Dotonbori, Osaka, 542 0071
Telephone: +81 6 6211 8975.

Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M

Cuisine: Japanese

Located on a narrow alleyway lined with quaint shops and restaurants behind Hozenji Temple, this is a deservedly popular Japanese BBQ spot. Seating is in private booths, and tables have in-built BBQs. Cook your own wagyu steak with delicious garlic rice as an accompaniment.

Address: Chuo-ku, 3-11 Nanbasennichimae, Osaka, 542 0075
Telephone: +81 6 6606 9887.


Nawa Sushi

Cuisine: Japanese

Nawazushi serves super-fresh sushi in a traditional Osakan atmosphere. Customers sit around the main counter and can watch the chefs expertly slice sashimi and form delicious morsels of nigiri sushi. There are daily and seasonal specials. The atmosphere is boisterous so don’t be shy to yell out your order!

Address: Kita-ku, 2-14-1 Sonezaki, Osaka, 530 0057
Telephone: +81 6 6312 9891.

Tsurutontan Soemoncho

Cuisine: Japanese

This extremely popular udon restaurant chain serves delicious bowls of the thick white noodles in massive salad bowls. What’s also interesting is the variety of noodles Tsurutontan have on their menu – from the traditional tastes of bean curd and sour pickled plums to more modern and western-influenced variations such as carbonara udon and curry udon. Expect to queue at the door during busy times.

Address: Chuo-ku, 3-17 Soemon-cho, Osaka, 542 0084
Telephone: +81 6 6211 0021.

Yakitori Nanbantei

Cuisine: Japanese

Not far from the Namba Parks shopping complex is this popular yakitori (skewered chicken) restaurant. It has a huge range of skewer food, including grilled chicken, leek and green pepper. The atmosphere is friendly, and there’s an English menu. Because of its popularity, dining time is limited to two hours per group.

Address: Chuo-ku, 4-5-7 Nanba, Osaka, 542 0076
Telephone: +81 6 6631 6178.
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Swissôtel Nankai Osaka is located in the heart of Namba, above the Nankai train station, which makes it extremely convenient for direct access to Kansai International Airport. The rooms are modestly decorated and have great views over southern Osaka. There are also seven restaurants, bars, a gym, spa and indoor swimming pool.

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This surprisingly stylish business hotel is just minutes away from the Minami shopping and nightlife scene. The decently sized rooms are decorated in modern colour schemes and include internet access. There's also a Japanese restaurant and a bar.

Hearton Hotel Nishi-Umeda

The Hearton Hotel Nishi-Umeda is part of a reliable and popular business hotel chain. It is conveniently located just behind the main post office next to JR Osaka Station. The rooms are small but clean, and come with cable TV and complimentary internet access. There's also a restaurant with a deck.

Hotel Unizo Yodoyabashi

Hotel Unizo Yodoyabashi is a cheap yet elegant business-type hotel close to Osaka's museum district. The rooms are exceptionally clean and comfortable with spacious bathrooms and large-screen TVs. There's also an in-house spa and Japanese and Italian restaurants.

Toyoko Inn Shin-Osaka Chuo-guchi Honkan

Part of the excellent-value business hotel chain, this Toyoko Inn is just five minutes from the Shinkansen station and makes a solid choice for a cheap hotel in Osaka. The Toyoko Inn has good facilities such as free Wi-Fi, coin-operated laundry facilities, and a free breakfast buffet.

Hilton Osaka Hotel

With its excellent location just outside JR Osaka Station, the Hilton Osaka offers convenience as well as luxury to its guests. There are four restaurants serving a variety of international cuisines, including Windows on the World, which boasts great views of the city from the 35th floor and live music every evening. The hotel has a business centre, a beauty salon, swimming pool and fitness room.