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Getting Around Mongolia


Internal flights are operated by Aero Mongolia ( and Hunnu Air (

Flying domestically can vastly decrease travel times; for example a trip from Ulaanbaatar to Ölgii, the capital of the Bayan-Ölgii Province, is 24 hours by car but one hour by airplane.

Flights are available to most provincial capitals but any flight between provincial capitals will be routed through Ulaanbaatar. Book well in advance for July and August flights as these are often full. Flights to Ölgii are also popular before, during and after the Golden Eagle Festival, which is held annually in October.


A network of roads radiating out of Ulaanbaatar to provincial capitals.

Ulaanbaatar is prone to severe congestion, making driving difficult.

Side of the road


Road Quality

Major roads are paved and easy to navigate, however, small roads are gravel and can turn muddy after rain. There are also plenty of unmarked dirt roads. Make sure you have good spare tyres if you plan to drive.

Car Hire

You can rent a car through Sixt or one of the local companies such as Drive Mongolia (



Taxis in Ulaanbaatar can be either official or non-official. When possible, use official taxis as they are more reliable. Fares are per kilometre; for the latest rates ask your hotel or guesthouse.

Urban travel

There are bus and trolleybus services in Ulaanbaatar. However, buses tend to be crowded and routes are also difficult to understand. You must purchase a U Money card and pay for bus fare that way. Most foreigners use taxis to get around the city. Other cities have limited (or no) local transportation options.


The main rail line in Mongolia runs from north to south. From Sükhbaatar in northern Mongolia to Darkhan, Ulaanbaatar, Choir, Sainshand, and to Zamyn-Üüd, a border town near Inner Mongolia (China).

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