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Mongolia Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar is well-endowed with antique stores and souvenir shops. Best buys include landscape paintings, cashmere garments, camel-wool blankets, national costumes, boots, jewellery, carpets, books and handicrafts. The State Department Store (Ikh Delguur) has the largest selection of souvenirs and gifts in the country. Juulchin (Tourist) Street has several antique shops. When buying antiques be sure to get a certificate of sale that will allow you to take them out of the country.

The notorious Naran Market on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar is a large, crowded flea market which sells a huge variety of items. Suitable for the adventurous traveller, it is patronised mainly by local people. Pickpockets here are skilful, so leave valuables in your hotel.

Shopping hours

Daily 1000-1800 as a general guide although times and days vary considerably.

Nightlife in Mongolia

Nightlife in Mongolia is varied, with evening performances at the State Opera and Ballet Theatre, State Drama Theatre and Puppet Theatre. The Moonstone Song & Dance Ensemble perform at Tsuki House. The most popular cultural show is staged by the Tumen Ekh Song & Dance Ensemble at the State Youth & Children’s Theatre (in Nairamdal Park). Provincial capitals also have theatres although performances are generally only staged during holidays. The Tengis Cinema and Urgoo Cinema in Ulaanbaatar both feature Hollywood and Korean films, as well as Mongolian movies when they appear.

Ulaanbaatar is teeming with bars, discos and restaurants. The best places to hear live music are River Sounds (Choidog Street) and Grand Khaan Irish Pub (Seoul Street). A popular live music genre in Mongolia is a four- or five-piece band that plays Western style rock music with traditional Mongolian instruments. Night entertainment in provincial capitals is limited but some bars and nightclubs are generally available.