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Mongolia Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar is well-endowed with shopping malls and independent stores. Best buys include landscape paintings, cashmere garments, camel-wool blankets, national costumes, boots, jewellery, carpets, books and handicrafts. The State Department Store (Ikh Delguur) has the largest selection of souvenirs and gifts in the country.

Naran Tuul Market, behind Narnii Road, is a large, crowded street market that sells a variety of goods, from shoe insoles to delicate Mongolian rugs, as well as dairy products, fruits and vegetables. As it is crowded, keep your belongings safe.

Shopping hours

Daily 1000-2100 as a general guide although times and days vary considerably.

Nightlife in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar has the highest concentration of nightlife venues in Mongolia. The programs vary from cultural shows by Tumen Ekh Folk Song and Dance Ensemble to dance clubs playing the latest international hits to young crowds. Notable spots include:
• National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Mongolia
• Performing Arts Theatre
• Rive Sounds Live Music Club
• Choco Metropolis Club
• Zu Club
• Fat Cat Jazz Club
• UB Jazz Club

A popular live music genre in Mongolia is a four- or five-piece band that plays Western-style rock music with traditional Mongolian instruments. In provincial capitals, night entertainment is limited, though a few bars and nightclubs are usually available.

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