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About Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the largest airport in Taiwan and serves the bustling city of Taipei. It is also a hub for three international airlines – China Airlines, EVA Air, and Starlux Airlines. This Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport guide covers essential details on airport facilities, public transport links, and nearby accommodation options.


Information desks are on Level 1 (Terminal 1) and Level 3 (Terminal 2). Passengers requiring assistance in Terminal 1 can also call +886 3273 5081, while passengers requiring assistance in Terminal 2 can call +886 3273 5086.

Tourist service centres are on Level 1 (Terminal 1) and Level 1 (Terminal 2).


Driving directions:

From Taipei's Zhongzheng District, drive on National Freeway 1 (Sun Yat-sen Freeway) towards Taoyuan. Take exit 52 for Luzhu / Taoyuan International Airport. It typically takes around 45 minutes to reach the airport, traffic permitting.

Transfer between terminals:

Skytrain: Skytrain services at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport offer free transit between Terminals 1 and 2's airside areas from 05:00 to 24:00. Find the Skytrain at Terminal 1 near Gates A7 and B6, and at Terminal 2 by Gates C6 and D5.

A landside Skytrain also connects the post office area in Terminal 1 with Terminal 2's check-in area, and the reverse.

Shuttle: A free shuttle also runs between Terminals 1 and 2 during the hours when the Metro/MRT is not operational, specifically from 23:01 to 05:59.

Metro/MRT: The metro/MRT provides connectivity between Terminals 1 and 2. Tickets are necessary to use this service.

Airport Info

Dayuan Township
9 Hángzhàn South
Taoyuan County

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is about 40km (25 miles) west of Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taiwan and a popular tourist attraction.

No. of terminals:

+886 3 398 3274

Public Transport

Public transport road:

Bus: Bus route 1819 links both airport terminals with Taipei Main Station. Tickets are sold at the Kuo Kuang Service Desk on Arrivals Level B1 in Terminal 1 and Level 1 in Terminal 2. Due to limited space for luggage, it's recommended that those with items over 180cm in total dimension consider other transportation options.

Taxis: Metred taxis are ready for passengers at meeting point 26 in Terminal 1 and the Arrivals lobby of Terminal 2.

Ride-hailing: Uber is available in Taipei. The pick-up points are in the Arrivals areas of each terminal.

Public transport rail:

Regular Metro/MRT: The Airport MRT links Taipei Main Station in the city centre to Huanbei Station in the Taoyuan District. This particular MRT line passes through both airport terminals. Travel time between Terminal 1 and Taipei Main Station is about 50 minutes.

Express Metro/MRT: An express MRT service connects Taipei Main Station directly to the airport with limited stops, shortening the trip to 33 minutes.

High-speed rail (HSR): Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport does not have a high-speed rail (HSR) station. To access HSR services, passengers must take the Airport MRT to the nearby Taoyuan HSR station first.

Terminal facilities


ATMs are available throughout the airport for convenience.

Cash is commonly used for transactions in Taiwan. Travellers will find a good number of currency exchange counters in both the restricted and public areas of Taoyuan International Airport.


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport hosts a variety of dining options pre and post-security, featuring both Taiwanese and Western cuisine. Budget-friendly food courts are located under the Departures Hall in Terminal 1 and the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 2, providing an array of affordable meals.


At Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, passengers can browse newsagents, duty-free outlets, and shops offering local crafts and souvenirs in both terminals.

Favoured Taiwanese gifts such as pineapple cakes, local teas, and Kinmen Kaoliang liquor (made from sorghum) are available. Travellers should verify destination import laws before purchasing.


Left-luggage services by Pelican Express and self-storage lockers are accessible in both terminals.

For misplaced baggage or items forgotten on an aircraft, contact the respective airline.

If you've lost something in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, call +886 3398 2538 (07:00-22:00) or go to the Lost & Found Centre, Level 1, Terminal 2. A quick search can also be conducted on this webpage.


Shower facilities are available at multiple locations on both the airside and landside of both terminals.

Medical clinics can be found on Level B1 and Level 3 in Terminal 1, and Level 1 and Level 3 in Terminal 2.

Airport facilities

Conference and business:

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has several lounges, many of which have basic business services.

Meeting facilities are also available at the nearby Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport.

Communication Facilities:

Free Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Visitors can easily purchase local SIM cards at various cellular service counters found in both terminals, catering to those who prefer local connectivity over roaming services.

Chunghwa POST, Taiwan's postal service provider, is on Level 1 in Terminal 1.

Disabled facilities:

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport provides level access, lifts, ramps, and accessible toilets.

Travellers who require special arrangements should contact the airline at least 48 hours before travelling.

Car parking:

Car parks are located on the east and west sides of Terminal 1. Additional parking is available at Terminal 2.

Car rental:

Car hire operators have representation in both terminals. Visitors are encouraged to book online before arriving in Taiwan.

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