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Tajikistan Visa and Passport Requirements

Passport required Return ticket required Visa Required
Canadian Yes No Yes
Australian Yes No Yes
British Yes No Yes
EU Yes No Yes
USA Yes No Yes


To enter Tajikistan, a passport valid for at least six months longer than the validity of the requested visa is required by the nationals referred to in the chart above.


Visas for Tajikistan are required by all nationals referred to in the chart above. Nationals listed in the chart can obtain a visa either in advance from the embassy, on arrival at Dushanbe International Airport or via the e-Visa system.

All foreign visitors must register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within three days of arrival except visitors travelling on tourist visas.

Nationals not referred to in the chart are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements for Tajikistan.

Types and Cost

e-Visa: US$50.

Tourist visa from the embassy: £20.

The costs for all other types of visa are as follows:

Single-entry visa: £60 (up to 14 days), £80 (up to 30 days), £90 (up to 60 days), £150 (up to 90 days), £200 (up to 180 days).

Double-entry visa: £65 (up to 14 days), £90 (up to 30 days), £100 (up to 60 days), £160 (up to 90 days), £220 (up to 180 days).

Multiple-entry visa: £70 (up to 14 days), £100 (up to 30 days), £150 (up to 60 days), £200 (up to 90 days), £250 (up to 180 days).

Permit for the Gorno Babakhshan Autonomous Region: £50.


Dependent on purpose of trip. Tourist visas and e-Visas are usually valid for up to 45 days.

Application to

Consulate (or consular section of embassy) or, if eligible, on arrival at the Dushanbe Airport or via

Working days

Allow three to five working days for embassy visa processing. There is also an express service available for double the usual fee.

e-Visas are usually processed immediately.

Extension of stay

If you wish to extend your visa, contact the consular department of the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You cannot usually extend tourist visas however.

This page reflects our understanding of current rules for the most common types of travel to the said country. However, please note that each authority sets and forces entry rules, hence we strongly recommend that you verify critical information with the relevant embassy before travel.

Embassies and tourist offices

Embassy of the Tajikistan Republic in the USA

Telephone: (202) 223 6090.
Address: NW, 1005 New Hampshire Avenue, Washington, 20037,
Opening times:

Mon-Fri: 0800-1700, Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri 0900-1200 (consular section).

Embassy of the Tajikistan Republic in Germany

Telephone: (30) 347 9300.
Address: , Otto-Suhr-Allee 84, Berlin, 10585,
Opening times:

Mon-Fri: 0900-1300

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