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Krabi beaches Travel Guide

About Krabi beaches

Krabi, the main town of Krabi Province, lies at the heart of one of Southeast Asia's most spectacular regions, which is renowned for its craggy limestone cliffs, sweeping sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Krabi has long been a jumping off point for the region's islands, national parks and mainland beaches, but now it is attracting visitors as a resort in its own right.

Day trip options are manifold, from excursions out paddling around the limestone scenery in a sea kayak, through to fast boat rides out to the islands. Add in some excellent Thai restaurants and its relaxed ambience and Krabi is an enjoyable Thai resort. In recent years the luxurious resorts out of town have attracted visiting celebrities and A-listers.


The best beaches are a boat ride away from the resort town of Krabi. Krabi Province overflows with white sand beaches and plenty of choice for those looking to unfurl their towel in a quiet spot. Facilities tend to be quite low key, though a variety of watersports can be arranged with operators in Krabi.

Beyond the beach:

In town the main attraction is Wat Kaew, a captivating wat (temple) and a relaxed place to while away a few hours. For a bird's eye view of town scramble up one of the brace of craggy hills that overlook Krabi. The town unfurls below as the milky blue Andaman Sea shimmers off into the distance.

Family fun:

For families staying at the resort hotels there are often good facilities on site to help keep demanding younger visitors happy. In the longer run holidaymakers will probably want to hop on a boat and skip off to a beach. The long tail boat rides are all part of the fun and tend to elicit whoops of delight from children as they bump across the waves.

Exploring further:

A variety of operators offer sea kayaking trips that really open up the stunning scenery of Krabi Province. Sea Kayak Krabi ( run a number of trips, usually including the chance to swim, relax on a beach and have lunch, as well as paddle around the limestone landscapes taking in the scenery. They can cater for everyone from complete beginners through to experienced paddlers.

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