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Bermuda Food and Drink

There is a vast variety of restaurants, cafes, bars and taverns to suit all pockets. Service will vary, although generally table service can be expected. Hotel cooking is usually international with some Bermudan specialities.


• Bermuda lobster (in season from September to mid April).
• Hoppin' John (black-eyed peas and rice).
• Fish chowder infused with sherry, peppers and rum.
• Seafood, including rockfish, red snapper, guinea chick (shiny lobster) and yellowtail.
• Traditional Sunday breakfast is codfish and potatoes, which are served with red sauce, avocado and banana.
• Desserts include sweet potato pudding, bay grape jelly and loquat jam.


When not included in the bill, 15% is generally acceptable for most services. Hotels and guest houses add a set amount per person in lieu of tips to the bill.

Drinking age


Regional drinks

National drinks and cocktails have Golsing's Bermuda Black Seal rum as a base, and have colourful names such as Dark and Stormy (traditional local drink) and the famous Rum Swizzle.
British, European and US beer is available.

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