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Where to stay in Bermuda


Club resorts are noted for privacy and luxury and are for members or by introduction only. There are club resorts on the main island.
Hotels are generally of a high standard. Resort hotels offer a range of facilities and usually have their own beach and pool(s). Hotels offer a choice of meal plans. The Bermuda Department of Tourism provides an online accommodation guide (website: Reduced rates are available during the Golf and Spa, or 'low' season, which runs from November to March, and there are many special package tours for special interest holidays. A government tax, called Hotel Occupancy Tax, of 7.25% is added to hotel bills on check-out, and a service or gratuity charge (10-15%) is also added to the final bill.

Grading: There is no formal grading system for accommodation. There is a meal plan structure, which grades according to how many meals are included. Smaller hotels are normally less expensive than the resorts, have fewer facilities and are less formal.

Bed and breakfast

Most of these properties are historical homes in lush garden settings, which have been modernised into comfortable guest rooms. Bed & breakfast offers an intimate and traditional setting. Inns offer informal accommodation; most include breakfast; several waterfront units feature swimming pools. Some provide kitchen facilities.


There are no camping facilities for visitors in Bermuda.

Other accomodation

Consisting of properties situated in landscaped estates with their own beach and pool. There are also less expensive properties with fewer amenities. All units have full kitchen or kitchenette facilities and are mostly sold on a room-only basis; some offer breakfast. All of the accommodation in this category are nonetheless comfortable. All have minimal daily maid service.

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