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Bermuda Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Bermuda

Unique local-made items, known as Bermudiana, include handcrafted gold trinkets, cedarwood gifts, perfume inspired by the island's flowers, traditional costumed dolls, rum and artwork. And of course, you can't forget the island's famous Bermuda shorts. Antique shops may have the odd good bargain and shops in the countryside offer many souvenirs. Other good buys are imported merchandise. There is no sales tax or VAT.

Shopping hours

Mon-Sat 0900-1730, with some open later and on Sundays.

Nightlife in Bermuda

Most hotels offer a variety of entertainment. Dance shows, musical and theatrical performances, cinemas, barbecues and nightclubs are all available. There are also island cruises for entertainment - even the locals attend. African influences can be found in the local dance and music, especially reggae, calypso and the rhythm of the Gombeys' kettledrums. All the latest listings can be found in Preview Bermuda and This Week in Bermuda.

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