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Dominican Republic Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Dominican Republic

Hand-rolled cigar, rum and amber jewellery are widely considered as the best buys from the island. Larima, a semi-precious, turquoise-coloured stone found only in the heart of Bahoruco mountains, also makes a great souvenir. Other popular souvenirs include woodcarvings, macramé, pottery, Taino artefacts, Creole dolls, baskets, limestone carvings and CDs of salsa and merengue. Bargaining is recommended, and in most cases expected.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0900-1700
Sat 0900-1300

Nightlife in Dominican Republic

Choice varies from discos and casinos to cafés and festivals. Hotels offer more traditional shows, including Latin music and dancing. Popular dances are the inescapable merengue, bachata (a guitar-based genre, very popular across the country), and salsa. The Malecón, Santo Domingo's long waterside boulevard, is known for its nightlife. Punta Cana, a popular tourist destination, loves a good party and some consider it as the top nightlife destination in the Caribbean.

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