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Where to stay in Belarus


Belarus’s hotel options are rather thin on the ground. While the capital Minsk has the lion's share of properties, and other towns such as Gomel, Brest and Vitebsk have accommodation that can cater to the business traveller (international corporate chains such as Hilton and the like), there isn't much choice between these grand business hotels and the basic accommodations available. Room rates will rarely top £100 a night, making a stay in Belarus relatively easy to budget for unless you choose to stay at the five-star luxury resorts.

Bed and breakfast

Belarus has relatively few B&Bs, with the majority of these located in Minsk. They are less likely to be equipped with facilities, but may make a rather more entertaining stay than the beige surroundings of a corporate hotel.


There are limited facilities for camping in Belarus, and campsites are few and far between. However, camping is permitted outside towns anywhere in the countryside, provided consideration is shown for other countryside users. When choosing where to pitch your tent, remember to ask the landowner for permission (if you want to set up on private land).

Other accomodation

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