Guernsey Food and Drink

Guernsey is famous for its food and the island has a wide variety of restaurants ranging from traditional French and English cuisine to Italian, Indian and Chinese. St Peter Port is the major culinary hub, with clusters of restaurants on the seafront and high street.

Every October, the Channel Islands (including Guernsey) host the Tennerfest. In Guernsey, about 80% of its restaurants participate in this island-wide event, offering a three-course meal for £10 to £20 per person. Diners can feast on fresh seafood to local delights such as Bean Jar and artisan cheeses.

Local breweries include Randalls and White Rock. Established in 1868, Randalls is behind the award-winning Breda pale lager, while White Rock, believing in classic styles and modern variations, produces great quality brew from hoppy IPA to smooth and aromatic stout. If you like cider, make a beeline for the Rocquette Cider Company.

Ormers, a type of shellfish also known as abalones, were once in plentiful supply but nowadays during the ormering season between January and April, those who brave the cold waters may only gather a dozen or so. The traditional way is to make ormer casserole.


• Rose veal
• Spider crab (traditionally sold with bread and butter)
• Ormer casserole (a fruit cake)
• Bean jar (pork and bean stew)
• Guernsey ice cream
• Guernsey Gâche (a fruit bread)

Things to know

Table service is normal in restaurants, with counter service in bars. Eating out is also excellent value for money as there is no VAT. Pubs in Guernsey are now able to stay open until 0045 six nights a week.


10 to 12% is normal, except where a service charge is included.

Drinking age


Regional drinks

• Rocquette cider (locally brewed cider).

• Local beers include Randalls and White Rock.

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