Getting Around Guernsey


There are no internal flights in Guernsey.


Driving in Guernsey is practical and easy. The island is 19km (12 miles) long with an area of 62 sq km (38 sq miles), making it easily covered by car.

Side of the road


Road Quality

Roads are of high quality, well tarmacked and signposted throughout the island.

Road Classification

There are no motorways on Guernsey, and roads can sometimes narrow to single file country lanes which only allow for one-way traffic.

Car Hire

There are a number of car hire companies available in Guernsey offering good rates which are around £20 to £25 per day for a small sedan. Some companies offer unlimited mileage allowance while some operate on a full-to-full basis.


Bicycle hire is available from various companies for daily or weekly hire.


As in the rest of the British Isles, driving is on the left on Guernsey's quiet roads, which meander around the island. Most roads impose a 40kph (25mph) limit, though the maximum speed is 56kpg (35mpg). You must be 20 years of age or older to hire a car.

Parking is free, although you must pay attention to Disc Parking Zones which indicate the length of time you can park in that zone. Once you exceed the allocated hours, fines are levied. You're required to purchase a parking disc (£2.75) that allows you to set the time when you park. You can purchase the parking disc from Driver & Vehicle Licensing Bulwer Avenue Office, the Information Centre, the Police Station, and a number of retail outlets and petrol stations.

At certain intersections, you will see 'filter-in-turn' which means you can proceed with caution if there is no traffic, but when other cars are present, you will need to stop and the first car arrives will go first.


A full national driving licence is required.

Urban travel

Buses travel all over the island, check for routes and information. Taxis are available from all the towns.



It is possible to charter a yacht or motor boat to sail around the island. There are also numerous sailing clubs. Ferries zip from Guernsey to other nearby islands, including Sark, Herm and Alderney.

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