Guernsey Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Guernsey

As the capital of the island, St Peter's Port is the place to head for those wanting to hit the shops. The high street has the usual chain stores, but there are plenty of charming independents selling products and goods unique to the island. Foodies might like to stock up on award-winning cheeses such as smoked cheddar from Meadow Court Farm, or the unique Fort Grey made by an islander. Creamy Guernsey fudge made from the milk of the local cows is sticky and sweet, and found in many shops. Guernsey cream is another favourite gift. Another favourite is gâche, a type of bread made with raisins and mixed peel.

There is no VAT (Value Added Tax) on the island and prices of luxury goods tend to be cheaper than in the UK. Favourite gifts include local pottery, knitted sweaters (particularly the famous Guernsey jumper), crafts, gold and silver jewellery and candles.

Outside of St Peters Port, "hedge veg" refers to the unique local practice of buying fresh produce and daily catch from unmanned roadside stands and leaving payment in a box.

Shopping hours

Mon-Sat 0900-1730.
Only a small number of shops open on Sundays.

Nightlife in Guernsey

Guernsey after dark is a low-key affair. Several swanky cocktail bars can be found around St Peter Port and within luxury hotels scattered around the island. There are also local pubs serving Guernsey beer (Randalls and White Rock Brewery) and Rocquette cider. For clubbing fans, Fusion Nightclub and Barbados Beach Club, both are located at The Pollet, are popular spots.

Outside St Peter Port, evening entertainment is provided by some hotels during the summer season, while other options include local pubs where you could try a pint of local Randalls beer or Guernsey cider. Another option is picking up some tasty fish and chips at Cobo Bay and taking a walk along the beach at sunset, a favourite with the locals.

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