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Estonia Food and Drink

Traditional Estonian food has meat and potatoes dominating the table, alongside rye bread, smoked fish and pickled vegetables. Jellied meat and fish are also popular. In Tallinn, Asian restaurants are sprouting up in recent years.


• Sült (a terrine or meat jelly made with meat from the head of a calf or pig).
• Täidetud vasikarind (roast stuffed shoulder of veal).
• Rosolje (potato salad).
• Leib (rye bread).
• Mulgipuder (grain and potato porridge).
• Verivorst (blood sausage).
• Pirukad (pastries filled with meat or vegetables).


10% is standard for restaurants, although sometimes it will be added automatically, so check your receipt before adding anything extra.

Drinking age


Regional drinks

Estonians take their beer seriously. Two of Estonia's oldest breweries are A. Le Coq and Saku Brewery; their products are widely available in pubs and restaurants throughout the country. Craft breweries are also springing up across the country.
Kali, a non- or low-alcoholic drink made from bread is popular.
Vana Tallinn, a rum-based herb-infused liqueur, is very much an acquired taste.

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