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Finland Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Finland

Duty-free: Anyone permanently resident outside the EU can claim a refund of 12-16% on goods that cost more than €40 at the time of departure from the EU. Retailers (look out for the 'Tax Free for Tourists' sign) will provide a cheque that can be redeemed at airports, ports or major land borders.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0900-1800, Sat 0900-1500. Many large shopping centres are also open 0900-2100 during the week and Sat 0900-1800; some also open on Sunday.

Nightlife in Finland

Finns are enthusiastic party people, and going out is usually a lively affair, even in small towns. Friday and Saturday are the big party nights, but many locals break the week by going out on 'little Saturday' - Wednesday night - when things can get as lively as they do at weekends.

Most large towns have nightclubs and even small villages have restaurants that become bars later in the evening. At clubs, there are often floorshows and live bands as well as DJs playing dance music and Finnish pop. Vodka bars are popular amongst young and trendy urbanites; in rural areas, traditional 'country dances' are still a popular activity. Look out for Finnish tango, which fuses the classic Argentinian beat with a Nordic sense of melancholy. The minimum age at nightspots serving alcohol is generally 18, though this can range up to 25. Nightclubs are typically open until 0200, or up to 0400 at weekends.

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