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Aix en Provence tours

Gourmet tours

Food lovers will enjoy a gourmet walking tour of Aix, taking in local food stores as well as a visit to the 700-year-old market. There are two themed tours: one that takes in the market, and one that focuses on the best local food addresses as well as wine.

Tel: +33 6 72 83 98 28.

Walking tours

Walks led by professional guides are available but should be booked in advance. The tourist office has information on self-guided walks including a Cézanne self-guided walking tour: using the studs in the pavement as a guide, stroll through the streets and follow the main stages of the painter's life in Aix.

Tel: +33 4 42 16 11 61.

Aix en Provence excursions


The pretty riverside town of Arles is within easy reach of Aix by train and is renowned for its Roman ruins, including a theatre, amphitheatre and aqueduct. Vincent Van Gogh also made his home here. Its open-air food market on Saturdays and Wednesdays is a huge draw, and the town hosts an international photography festival every year.



Head 30km (18.5 miles) south to Marseille, France's second largest city. Visit the revamped Vieux Port (the old port) or just relax on one of the many beaches. The city's 2013 stint as European Capital of Culture resulted in a major overhaul of the old docks area, now teeming with museums and restaurants.