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Restaurants in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf has a wide range of restaurants catering to every taste and budget, from Michelin-stars to snack bars. In the Altstadt alone you’ll be dazzled for choice.

The restaurants below have been hand-picked by our guide author and grouped into three pricing categories:
Expensive (over €40)
Moderate (€20 to €40)
Cheap (up to €20)

These prices are for a three-course meal for one without drinks or a tip. Add a 5-10% tip to a bill if the service is good.


Andrej’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant

Cuisine: Seafood

There's a small clue in the name as to the general theme of this elegant restaurant with polished wooden floors and cream-coloured walls. Although the oysters are shucked by the dozen here, the real house speciality is lobster, which comes flambéed at your table. Situated just to the west of the river Rhine, it's often busy, so if you don't manage to get a seat, take home one of their doggy bags which come with delicious oysters, Chester bread, shallot marmalade, lemon and an oyster knife.

Address: Oberkassel, Luegallee 132 (at Belsenplatz), Düsseldorf, 40545
Telephone: +49 211 9389 0078.


Cuisine: Japanese, Fusion

This fashionably understated eatery was one of the first Japanese restaurants in Europe to find itself recognised with a coveted Michelin star. Fused with European influences, the superb dishes here are given a modern artistic twist by the award-winning chef Yoshizumi Nagaya. Sushi, tempura and sashimi are all honoured on the menu, but they’re finished with flair and panache not usually found outside of Museum Kunst Palast.

Address: Stadtmitte, Klosterstrasse 42, Düsseldorf, 40211
Telephone: +49 211 863 9636.


Cuisine: French, German

Despite the name, there’s nothing 19th century about the modern and innovative Michelin-starred creations served here, though the stylishly elegant setting, replete with starched linen, is altogether more classical. A more informal bistro annex in the same building serves less wallet-wilting fare, but it is still as delicious.

Address: Stadtmitte, Königsallee 3a, Düsseldorf, 40212
Telephone: +49 211 865 5011.



Cuisine: Seafood

This traditionally decorated, black-and-white tiled fish restaurant in Düsseldorf is smart and welcoming with lots of outdoor tables. It serves the best fish and seafood dishes in the Altstadt with specialities that include salmon soup and salad with sole and prawns. In the summer, try to bag a table on the terrace, where you can soak up the atmosphere of the Old Town. Be warned: it’s nearly always full, so book ahead if you can.

Address: Altstadt, Berger Strasse 3-7, Düsseldorf, 40213
Telephone: +49 211 854 9864.

Sila Thai

Cuisine: Thai

This beautifully decorated Asian restaurant evokes a charming atmosphere of the East even before you’ve sat down to eat. And happily, those feelings of well being are easily maintained once the food starts to arrive. Most agree it’s the best Thai cuisine in town, and the duck dishes come particularly recommended.

Address: Stadtmitte, Bahnstrasse 76, Düsseldorf, 40210
Telephone: +49 211 860 4427.

sattgrün hafen

Cuisine: Vegan

For those prepared to leave the meat out of the ‘meat and two veg’ equation, sattgrün offers a mouth-watering array of vegan fair-trade choices. Main courses are served up buffet style – patrons select from a dozen or so hot dishes, plus salads. It’s the perfect antithesis to all those pork-based local classics, and the concept is clearly catching - there are now four branches across the city. This one is in the trendy MediaHafen district.

Address: Hafen, Brückenstrasse 12, Düsseldorf, 40221
Telephone: +49 211 1592 3290.


Brauerei Zum Schiffchen

Cuisine: German/Regional

Napoleon Bonaparte is said to have visited this venerable old Altstadt brew pub - a bust of the Little General still marks ‘his corner'. No doubt he partook of the kitchen's superior brand of Düsseldorf comfort food, which is served here in large quantities. Try the homemade liver dumplings or the Rhineland herrings which come with boiled potatoes, apples and onion in a light, creamy sauce. There is also an attractive outdoor terrace here for the warmer months.

Address: Altstadt, Hafenstrasse 5, Düsseldorf, 40213
Telephone: +49 211 13 24 21.

Gosch - Der Sylter Fischkutter

Cuisine: Seafood

With superb fresh North Sea fish, and serve-yourself seafood at bargain prices, the riverside promenade restaurant-cum-stall, Der Sylter Fischkutter, is always packed. Grab yourself a front-seat view of the Rhine and tuck into everything from salt water eels to steaming stacks of mussels. Ideal for a cheap, tasty belly-filler; the wine list punches above its price tag as well. With 4,500 outdoor seats making a reservation isn't necessary.

Address: Altstadt, Untere Rheinwerft 14, Rhine Promenade, Düsseldorf, 40213
Telephone: +49 211 1592 7203.


Cuisine: Japanese

This friendly and bustling ramen bar proves that great Japanese food does not necessarily require a bank loan. Naniwa serves a wide range of noodle soups, fried noodles and fried rice dishes, and while all of them are good, it’s hard to beat the Gomoku - vegetable fried noodles with pork belly, prawns and squid. The diminutive dining area means you may have to queue for a table, but the wait will be well worth it.

Address: Stadtmitte, Oststrasse 55, Düsseldorf, 40211
Telephone: +49 211 161 799.