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Restaurants in Hanover

There is a wide range of restaurants to choose from in Hanover. The restaurants below have been classed into three different pricing categories:
Expensive (over €30)
Moderate (€20 to €30)
Cheap (up to €20)

The prices quoted are for an average three-course meal for one person, including tax, but not drinks or tip. Tipping is expected (generally 10-12%).


Altes Rathaus

Cuisine: German

In the delightful surroundings of the Old Town Hall, this restaurant offers everything from a very affordable breakfast to a lunch buffet and full dinners based on good-quality German-style cooking.

Address: , Karmarschstrasse 42, Hanover, 30159
Telephone: +49 511 300 8040.

Basil Bar Culinaria

Cuisine: German

Offering the best in Asian/international fusion cooking, in unusual, almost industrial, surroundings.

Address: , Dragonerstrasse 30, Hanover, 30163
Telephone: +49 511 622 636

Broyhan Haus

Cuisine: German

Classic German restaurant and bar in the oldest part of Hanover, close to the historic marketplace, and offering an extensive menu of regional and German national specialities, with the accent on game.

Address: , Kramerstrasse 24, Hanover, 30159
Telephone: +49 511 323 919.


Al Dar

Cuisine: Middle Eastern

Popular restaurant for Syrian and Lebanese food. The food is exceptionally prepared and the service is excellent too. It serves everything from hearty kebabs to a good selection of vegetarian specialities.

Address: , Konigstrasse 3, Hanover, 30165
Telephone: +49 511 898 4994.

Die Insel

Cuisine: Seafood

Experience French-Mediterranean style food featuring fish and seafood, in this gourmet restaurant on the southern shore of the Maschsee.

Address: , Rudolf-von-Bennigsen-Ufer 81, Hanover,
Telephone: +49 511 831 214.

Restaurant Chois

Cuisine: Korean

Korean and other southeast Asian food is the focus at Restaurant Chois in Hanover city centre. Although relatively small, it offers an extensive menu, with fixed price lunch choices.

Address: , Schubertstraße 1, Hanover, 30161
Telephone: +49 511 313 132.


Das Ei

Cuisine: German

As its name suggests, 'The Egg' specialises in various types of egg-based dishes, but also offers a range of other options, including the ubiquitous German sausages and turkey steaks. Cheap and cheerful German fare.

Address: Linden, Selmastraße 9, Hanover, 30451
Telephone: +49 511 455 254.

Koh-I-Noor Dhaba

Cuisine: Indian

Highly ranked among Hanover's less expensive eateries, this restaurant on the south side of the city offers high quality Indian (mainly Punjabi) dishes at a very affordable price. A good range of vegetarian dishes is available.

Address: , Hildesheimerstraße 85, Hanover, 30169
Telephone: +49 511 9548 3483.

Street Kitchen

Cuisine: Vietnamese

If you're on a budget this is a great place to enjoy authentic Vietnamese fare. Located in the Linden district on the west side of the city centre, its main courses are priced at around the €5 mark.

Address: , Limmerstraße 26, Hanover, 30451
Telephone: +49 511 986 388.