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Gibraltar travel guide

About Gibraltar

Gibraltar is full of surprises: from its lively population of Barbary macaques (monkeys) to its sub-tropical climate, this little British enclave on the Mediterranean is awash with wonders.

The Rock, as Gibraltar is known, is a monolithic peninsula riddled with curious caves and tunnels. Atop its limestone base thrives unique vegetation and many species of migrating birds, which combined with glorious views and stimulating walks make Gibraltar a popular destination for nature enthusiasts.

The town itself is densely concentrated on the western side of the rock; those with an interest in history should visit the Gibraltar Museum for an insight into Gibraltar's heritage of Moorish, Spanish and British rulers, while foodies will enjoy sampling fresh seafood and colourful Spanish dishes.

Key facts


6.8 sq km (2.6 sq miles).


32,373 (UN estimate 2016).

Population density:

4,179.7 per sq km.




Self-governing British Overseas Territory.

Head of state:

HM Queen Elizabeth II since 1952, represented locally by Governor Edward Davis since 2016.

Head of government:

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo since 2011.

Travel Advice

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