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Gibraltar Visa and Passport Requirements

Passport required Return ticket required Visa Required
EU 1 No No
USA Yes No No
Canadian Yes No No
Australian Yes No No
British Yes No No


A valid passport is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above, except (1) EU nationals in possession of a valid national ID card.


Visas are not required by nationals referred to in the chart above, without seeking employment, for the following durations:

• Nationals of the EU for stays in Gibraltar of up to six months.

• Nationals of Australia, Canada (and short-term business stays of up to 90 without the requirement of a work permit or other prior approval procedures of similar intent under certain conditions) and the USA for stays in Gibraltar of up to three months.

As a general rule, those who require a visa for entry to the UK also require a separate visa for entry to Gibraltar.

Nationals not referred to in the chart are advised to contact the Home Office in the UK, the nearest British Embassy/High Commission or the Government of Gibraltar to check visa requirements.

Types and Cost

British embassies charge £141 for receiving, handling and forwarding visa applications for British Overseas Territories.

Application to

Nearest British Embassy or High Commission.

Schengen Visas

Gibraltar is not part of the Schengen area. However, Schengen visa holders from some countries may visit Gibraltar visa-free for up to 21 days, provided they have at least seven days remaining on the visa; check with the Government of Gibraltar for a list of eligible countries.

Entry with pets

If planning on bringing your pet into Gibraltar, ensure the animal has a valid rabies vaccination certificate.

This page reflects our understanding of current rules for the most common types of travel to the said country. However, please note that each authority sets and forces entry rules, hence we strongly recommend that you verify critical information with the relevant embassy before travel.

Embassies and tourist offices

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Gibraltar is a British Crown Colony, and is represented abroad by British Embassies which handle Gibraltar's foreign affairs. All other enquiries should be made to the Gibraltar Tourist Board.

Telephone: (020) 7008 1500 (general enquiries) or 8457 (visa enquiries) or 0210 (services for Britons overseas).
Address: King Charles Street, Overseas Territories Department, London, SW1A 2AH,
Opening times:

Gibraltar Government Office in the USA

Telephone: (202) 452 1108
Address: Suite 1100, 1156 15th Street,NW, Washington, 20005,
Opening times:
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