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Where to stay in Gibraltar


Gibraltar's hotels range from luxury establishments with lounges, terraces, bars and swimming pools, to far more modest affairs. Hotels are inspected annually and given a star or diamond rating. Hostel accommodation is also available in Gibraltar. More information may be obtained from the Gibraltar Tourist Board on request.


Camping is not permitted, however, beach tents or beach umbrellas may be rented at Catalan Bay. There are no caravan sites in Gibraltar, and there are strict regulations concerning caravans and trailers. Camper vans are not allowed into the upper rock area or most tourist sites. Caravans may only be imported as long as a licence is obtained from HM Customs Gibraltar (tel: 78879). Sleeping in vehicles is not permitted. There are several campsites with excellent facilities over the border in Spain.

Other accomodation

There are many self-catering options available in Gibraltar, from studio apartments on complexes to luxury villas.

There is only one youth hostel on Gibraltar, the Emile Youth Hostel (, which is centrally located.

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