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Seven o'clock is aperitivo time in Turin. The best bars are dotted around Piazza Vittoria Veneto and Piazza Savoia, or those in the old Roman quarter near Via Sant'Agostino. During the summer, the club scene centres on the Murazzi, along the Po. Hub of the avant-garde music scene is Docks Dora, the former industrial area around Via Valprato. San Salvario, the district between Porta Nuova station and Valentino Park, is where the hipsters hang out.

Bars in Turin

La Rhumerie 18

For those who love rum, this bar boasts more than 300 varieties from all over the world. They also have a good selection of American beers and cocktails. It fills up quickly at the weekend, so arrive early if you want a table. Otherwise drink shots with the locals at the bar.

Address: , Via Maria Vittoria 49g, Turin, 10125
Telephone: +39 11 650 9660.

Mar Rosso

In the diverse San Salvario district, this Afro art restaurant and cocktail bar serves up Eritrean and vegetarian food accompanied with spicy cocktails and international wines. Diners sit barefoot on pillows at low tables on the floor with aperitivo served until 2330 and cocktails until 0200.

Address: San Salvario, Via Silvio Pellico 13/E, Turin, 10125
Telephone: +39 347 143 9202.

Smile Tree

In the corner of the pretty Piazza della Consolata, this cocktail bar has won awards for its Alice in Wonderland-like creations. The weird and wonderful drinks are listed and illustrated on iPads - and forget about glasses - your drink could arrive in an espresso coffee pot with a straw or in a snail's shell.

Address: , Piazza della Consolata 9, Turin, 10122
Telephone: +39 331 184 8136.

Clubs in Turin

Astoria Studios

The best local musical talent can be found in Astoria Studios, located In a basement near the train station. This lively venue that attracts a diverse party crowd and the club nights reflect the ethnic mix of this Salvarino district. Expect Afro house, grime, nu rave and synth pop.

Address: , Via Claudio Luigi Berthollet, 13,, Turin, 10125
Telephone: +39 389 766 3731.

Blah Blah

Under the portico of Via Po, this former city centre cinema has been transformed into an all-day hangout, serving brunch, lunch and aperitivo. Transforming into a cocktail bar and nightclub after dark, it hosts an interesting programme of events include film screenings, live music and DJ sets.

Address: , Via Po, Turin, 10123
Telephone: +39 349 3172164

Hiroshima Mon Amour

Hiroshima Mon Amour is Turin's most established club. This cultural complex hosts DJs on Friday and Saturday nights as well as live music events throughout the week, welcoming some of the best names on the Italian music scene. Expect throwback party nights with 1970s or 1980s music.

Address: , Via Bossoli 83, Turin, 10135
Telephone: +39 11 317 6636.

Live music in Turin

Il Magazzino di Gilgamesh

Famed throughout northern Italy for its live music, Il Magazzino di Gilgamesh is the place to come for blues, jazz and rock. It even hosts a blues festival between February and March. Open Tuesday to Saturday 2000-0300, it's the perfect musical dessert following a decent dinner elsewhere.

Address: , Piazza Moncenisio 13/b, Turin,
Telephone: +39 340 988 3436.

Il Maglio

A lively cocktail bar and restaurant over two floors, Il Maglio offers a hearty aperitif buffet from until 2200, followed by live music and cocktails until the small hours. Music can vary from cover bands to local up-and-coming musicians, and revellers often spill out into the covered courtyard.

Address: Cortile del Maglio, Via Vittorino Andreis 18, Turin, 10152
Telephone: +39 034 6707 3210.

Tout Va

At the foot of the Mole Antonelliana tower, Tout Va couldn't be more central. Not just a live music venue, night owls here will also enjoy cabaret shows, stripteases and burlesque in the elegant surroundings of this 1920s-styled venue.

Address: , Via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 0, Turin, 10124
Telephone: +39 11 882 809.

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