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Regular guided two-hour tours of the Old Town, starting from the cathedral bell tower, are organised daily by the Vilnius Tourist Office from 15 May to 15 September. The tourist office can also organise pre-booked guided tours and offers audio guides that people can rent and listen to on their own as they walk along the streets of Vilnius. In addition, there are quite a few thematic tours - such as the 'War and Peace' tour.

Walkable Vilnius offers 23 walking tours all year round. Maps of the tours are available on Google Maps and can be downloaded via the Walkable Vilnius app.

Tel: +370 5 262 9660 (Vilnius tourism office)

Vilnius excursions

Europos Parkas

Europos Parkas is a large sculpture park located at the supposed exact centre of Europe, though the French geographers who originally ‘located' it have now come out and said the real centre may actually lie a few kilometres away. The park is located 17km (10.5 miles) north by bus from Vilnius.

Tel: +370 5 237 7077
Website: http://www.europosparkas

Grūtas Parkas

Grūtas Parkas is laden with the sort of old Soviet-era statues that have disappeared from the rest of the old Eastern bloc. Images of Lenin and Stalin stand just two hours' bus ride from Vilnius. Kitsch but fascinating.

Tel: +370 313 55511

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