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Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport Hotels


Blue Diamond Hotel

The Blue Diamond Hotel is a large property featuring a spa centre, indoor pool, gourmet restaurant and rooftop bar. There is a range of meeting rooms, and the hotel is situated at the heart of a large sports and leisure complex.

Address: , Nowa Wieś 414 k Rzeszowa, Trzebownisko, 36-001
Telephone: +48 17 772 2666.


The Ostoya Manor (Hotel Dwór Ostoya)

Housed in a restored historic house, this is the closest hotel to the airport. The restaurant specialises in local cuisine, and the property has conference rooms for hire. There is also an on-site gym and swimming pool.

Address: , Jasionka Przepompownia, Jasionka 1A, 36-002
Telephone: +48 17 772 3405.

Fenix Hotel

Also very close to the airport, the Fenix has a boardroom for hire, and offers single, double and triple rooms along with one deluxe suite. The hotel also includes an on-site restaurant, bar and pizzeria.

Address: , Nowa Wieś 246, Trzebownisko, 36-001
Telephone: +48 17 771 0200.

Nowy Dwór Hotel

Another hotel focussing on spa and 'wellness', the Nowy Dwór is a little further towards the city than the others, but is still convenient for the airport. Like the Blue Diamond, it offers extensive fitness facilities and high class dining.

Address: , Świlcza 146E, Rzeszów, 36-072
Telephone: +48 17 856 0990.