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Wrocław-Copernicus Airport Hotels


Hotel Vega

Located close to Wrocław city centre, Hotel Vega is a modern hotel of 3-star standard. On-site facilities include a restaurant, bar, and space for meeting facilities, however, it's proximity to the city means its close to many useful amenities including tennis courts, a golf course and large shopping centre.

Address: , Ulica Grabiszyńska 251, Wrocław, 53-234
Telephone: 071 339 0367

Pałac Alexandrów

About 10 minutes drive west of the airport, this 5-star hotel is, as its name suggests, housed in a former palace and situated within a large green estate. It is relatively small, with just eight guest rooms in the main building, but there are more in the adjacent annexe. Facilities include a grand on-site restaurant and free Wi-Fi.

Address: Samotwór, Glówna 14, Wrocław, 54-433
Telephone: 071 373 1234


Hotele Diament Park

About halfway between the airport and the city centre, the Hotele Diament has 132 rooms, along with conference facilities, a well-equipped business centre, gym and an on-site restaurant.

Address: , Ulica Muchoborska 10, Wrocław, 54-424
Telephone: 071 735 0350