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Where to stay in Slovakia


Hotel prices compare very favourably with western European hotels, though services and facilities are often more limited. There is a shortage of accommodation in the peak seasons and it is wise to pre-book. At present, higher-standard hotels are to be found primarily in Bratislava, in regional towns (such as Banská Bystrica and Kosice), in spas of national and international significance and in major tourist resorts (such as the High Tatras).

Grading: Future developments and investment will result in upward reclassification of many establishments. The present system is: 5-star, 4-star, 3-star, 2-star and 1-star.


Campsites are split into four classes and have all the usual facilities such as showers, cooking amenities, shops and, in some cases, caravans for hire. For further information, contact the Federation of Camping and Caravanning in Slovakia.

Other accomodation

Homestay: The Slovak Union of Rural Tourism and Agrotourism can arrange stays in private houses in Slovakia throughout the year.

Youth hostels: There are a few hostels (mainly in Bratislava) affiliated to the International Youth Hostel Association in Slovakia.

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