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Ibiza: Doing business and staying in touch

Doing Business in Ibiza

Business people are generally expected to dress smartly. English is widely spoken in the principal cities and resorts but far less so in the provinces. Some knowledge of the Spanish language is always appreciated and sometimes essential. Punctuality is important though attitudes to such things as responding to e-mails, letters and phone calls can be surprisingly casual.

Office Hours

Tend to vary considerably but base hours of 0900-1330 and 1700-1900 are fairly typical.


The tourism sector is by far the biggest industry on Ibiza and the surrounding Balearic Islands. New hotel, residential and other developments suggest the island has reconsidered its appeal and is opting instead for quality rather than quantity with an increase in the number of chic and expensive hotels opening their doors to the moneyed demographic.


US$ 1.3 trillion (Spain) (2017).

Main exports

Salt, fruit, fish and shellfish.

Main imports

Machinery and equipment, fuels, chemicals, semi-finished goods and food.

Main trading partners

France, Germany, Italy, UK and Portugal.

Keeping in Touch in Ibiza


For emergencies call 112. Area codes are incorporated within a nine-digit number.

Mobile Phone

Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone companies. Coverage is good throughout most of the towns though service in mountainous areas can sometimes be patchy.


Television programmes tend to be broadcast in Spanish, although American films and sitcoms are sometimes in English with Spanish subtitles. State-owned TVE operates TV-1 (La Primera) and TV-2 (La Dos). Antena 3, La Cuatro, Telecinco and La Sexta are privately run channels. Cadena SER and Onda Cero are popular commercial stations, and Cadena COPE is controlled by the church.

Popular Spanish newspapers are available on the island, including El País, El Mundo and ABC. Ulitima Hora Ibiza is a daily local newspaper in Spanish and The Ibiza Sun is a free weekly English newspaper.

Due to the music culture in Ibiza, there are a multitude of radio stations broadcasting dance, electronic and house music to the party crowd. Sonica is one of the most popular radio stations playing dance and house music, while Ibiza Global Radio broadcasts electronic dance music 24 hours a day, with DJ sets from all the best clubs and DJs in Ibiza. Radio RNE is state-run, operating Radio 1, Radio Clasica, Radio 3 and Radio 5. Sunshine Radio is a seasonal English-speaking radio station.


There are efficient internal and international postal services (correos) to all countries. Airmail within Europe usually takes around five days. Main post offices are situated
 in Eivissa, Santa Eularia and San Antonio.

Post Office hours

Post offices in Ibiza are open Mon-Fri 0830- 1430, Sat 0930-1300.

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