Ibiza Food and Drink

Ibiza's history and location are reflected in its culinary offerings. Fish and shellfish are the mainstay and are usually fresh off the boats that morning. Local menus use bacalao (cod), merluza (hake), emperador (swordfish), and lenguado (sole), as well as delicious white fish not often found in other countries, like denton, sirvia (amberjack) and the delicate tasting dorada (sea bream), often baked in salt. The freshest fish is often sold, simply cooked, from little shacks on the beach. Meat and game also feature on local menus and are popular in hearty stews. Make sure to try the local sausages sobrasada and butifarra.

Traditional Spanish dishes are also in abundance on a typical Ibizan menu. All the staple Spanish classics like gazpacho (cold tomato and pepper soup) and paella are widely available all over the island.

Given its vast tourist appeal, there are also plenty of international restaurants in the main resorts that range from fast food to creative fine dining of the highest order. From traditional tapas bars to a Moroccan restaurant complete with a sushi bar, you can find every type of cuisine on the island.

Ibiza produces wine made in the traditional way with grapes from indigenous vines, and the island has even been granted its own quality standards through the Vins de la terra Eivissa denomination.


• Paella (rice dish based on seafood and occasionally meat with rice and saffron) generally served to two people or more.
Guisat de peix (fish dish usually served grilled with potatoes and then taken back to the kitchen and leftovers used for a second-course stew).
Sofrit pages (stew made from meat or chicken with peppers and potatoes).
Borrida de Rajada (freshly caught skate baked with almonds).
Flaó (cream tart made with fresh sheep or goat cottage cheese, eggs and mint).
Ensaïmadas (pastry filled with cream, chocolate, sweet pumpkin or simply dusted with icing sugar).

Things to know

Some restaurants are closed during the winter months so call ahead if you’re visiting out of season.


Tipping is discretionary but is generally up to 10% in city and resort restaurants; and small change in bars, smaller restaurants and family-run establishments.

Drinking age


Regional drinks

Vi Pages (a robust locally made wine, usually red or rosé).
Granizados (made from locally grown fruit, which is freshly squeezed, frozen and then crushed).
Horchatas (frozen, crushed nut milk).
Frígola (an aromatic herb-based drink served as a digestive).
Hierbas Ibicencas (an aniseed-based drink, flavoured with local herbs, served on the rocks and said to be good for the digestion.)

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