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Getting Around Ibiza


Ibiza only has one airport so once there, it's best to navigate the island via road or sea. However, many of the luxury villas do have helipads if you want to arrive in style.

Departure tax



To really explore the island, it's best to hire a car, especially if you are renting a villa. If you're staying in one of the main hotels, buses and taxis can be used to get around.

Side of the road


Road Quality

The island roads have sporadically been tarmacked, or had their potholes filled in, so drive with care. Some roads are poorly marked.

Car Hire

There are plenty of car hire options both at the airport and in all the major resorts. Unfortunately it should be noted that Spain has one of Europe's worst accident rate records, so driving caution and extra insurance coverage are advisable. The minimum age for car hire ranges between 21-25 years.


Available taxis can be identified by a green light and charge on a metering system.


Mopeds and motorbikes are available for hire in all the major resorts and is a good option for getting to some of the more out-of-the-way beaches. Over 16s can rent a machine of less than 49cc whilst for anything over 75cc you must be 18 or over. Crash helmets are compulsory.


There is a shuttle service from the airport to many of the major resorts. In addition, the bus service on the island is fairly modern and there are several different routes. In Ibiza Town the bus station is located just a few blocks from the marina. You have to buy your ticket before entering the bus and there is an office selling tickets on the same street. In the evening, however, you can buy your ticket on the bus as the office is closed. Buses run every 15-30 minutes depending on time of day and route. From June until September, Discobus ( operates a night bus service stopping at all the major clubs and hotels


Traffic drives on the right and speed limits are 50kph (37mph) in towns, unless otherwise signposted, and 90kph (57mph) in rural areas. The local police have the power to collect on-the-spot fines for any traffic violations and often mount speed traps, especially during high season and Christmas. New legislation requires all cars to contain reflective safety vests which are to be worn by the driver and any passengers, in the event of breakdown or accident, who leave their vehicle outside a built up area. An 'on the spot' fine of €90 applies to the driver of any car without such a vest.

Breakdown services

Breakdown service will be provided by individual car hire companies.


A valid passport and driving licence is required.

Road note

Most petrol stations are open 24 hours during peak season and tend to be quite close to each other, so finding fuel is rarely a problem.



The ports of San Antonio and Ibiza Town offer hop-on boats that call in at nearby beaches during the peak summer months. Yachts, speedboats and sailing boats are also available to hire from companies such as Ibiza Yacht Rentals ( and Boats Ibiza (

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